viernes, 26 de julio de 2013

Lenovo a820 Lambda 2.3 Rom (multilenguaje)

Desde NeedRom podemos descargar un nuevo rom multilenguaje, Lambda en su versión 2.3 y ya multilenguaje. El intalador llamado "Aroma Installer" es muy parecido a uno de Windows muy intuitivo grafico y con menu de opciones para elegir si quieres o no instalarlo.

Caracteristicas (en ingles)

- Added Aroma installer
- SuperSu updated to v1.41
- Added shell
- Removed smsSelfReg leftover xml file
- Kernel updated to S139
- Updated operators lists
- APN profiles for many operators, please turn data connection off right after you see the welcome screen if you don't want mobile data enabled.
- Fonts cleaned
- Fixed network location
- Full screen contact picture
- GPS customization
- Changed adbd
- Changed autobrightness levels – needs testing and further tweaking
- Baterry warning levels reduced
- Button backlight tweaks
- Lenovo custom-changed browser replaced with standard Android browser
- Added battery item in settings
- Default store links in Lenovo Launcher changed to Google Play
- Changed some icons and defaul background
- Removed mobile type network indicator (G, 3G, 4G)
- Further init.d and build.prop tweaks, enabled deep sleep
- Changed sqlite3 binary, sqlite db optimization should work now
- Added openVPN support, vpn connectivity needs testing
- Root Explorer replaced with ES File Manager (free)
- Call profiles tweaked, but couldn't solve the annoying haptic feedback thing completely
- Full screen caller picture support, however cropping in gallery for contact picture still doesn't support random dimensions.
- Sony Bravia 2, xLoud & ClearAudio support is now optional, but it should work now – was broken in previous release
- Fixed swipe jestures on Android keyboard, works perfect now – tested in English and Bulgarian
- Fixed network positioning when gps disabled – tested with AccuWeather, AndroidWeather, News & Weather.
- All apps updated, except Google Maps. New version removes navigation and Google Latitude and Google will completely shutdown Latitude next month. For now, I recommend to disable automatic updates from google Play and use the old Maps for full features.
- Many other fixes and changes that I can't remember right now
- I will release a patch/update with eventual fixes of known and new discovered problems, so please report them.

 De momento es la unica ROM donde el GPS me agarra en pocos segundos.

Podeis bajarla aqui

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